Simaxx has a proven track record with more than 300 buildings in the Netherlands. It has crawled under the skin of commercial and public real estate. From housing corporations and energy suppliers to building owners of offices and hospitals. Are you also curious in what Simaxx can let your building tell you?

Miss me blind

Simaxx perfectly detects how failures and complaints in your building can be avoided. It continuously monitors comfort, durability and energy use. It gives your building a voice that tells you what goes wrong and what will lead to complaints of unnecessary cost. A voice that you can soon not afford to miss. Because without Simaxx you are blind for the status of your own building. Simaxx keeps your building in shape.

Benefits for asset managers

Realise savings that can be proven
Improved durability that can be proven
Increase in value of the real estate with limited cost
Assets can be rented out longer and better

Benefits for property managers

Substantial reduction in maintenance cost
Save energy and limit damaging emissions
New services and more continuity in turn over
Manage and save by direct control of building performance

Benefits for building users

Improved comfort in the building
A healthy mind through a healthy building
Cost saving through reduction of energy usage
Less failures and less maintenance

Benefits for facility managers

Quick detection of energy wastage
Less maintenance and fewer inspections
Fewer complaints and failures
Satisfied users through an improved comfort

Benefits for maintenance

Monitor performance with one glance
Complaints and failure prevention or solving
Autonomous building control
Works with all building control- and energy registration systems