Simaxx crawls under the skin of your building. Without fail it senses how failures or complaints can be averted. It continuously monitors the comfort, durability and energy use in a building. It is the only one who really knows how your building is doing. Let the building tell you how it can improve. How often do you listen to your building?

Sweet dreams

The future of smart buildings start with Simaxx: an online platform to control and optimise buildings. Seven days a week, day and night, you can check the performance of the installations in your building, with one glance of the eye. Simaxx is being used in over 300 buildings and these building already optimised. It is the dream of every buildings management and maintenance team. They take out a year subscription for our cloud software and within the first year they will earn back more than the cost of the subscription. No investments but savings. And on top of that, a contribution to a better environment

Such a shame

Two thirds of the current building installations is performing badly. This means many complaints about the climate and comport form the buildings users. Buildings management and maintenance teams nightmare, such a shame. With Simaxx we give the building a voice that warns when things are wrong and what will lead to complaints or unnecessary cost. Pumps or valves that are functioning badly, intermitting switching installations, heating of empty spaces and simultaneous heating and cooling. You name it, Simaxx will tell you.

We close our eyes

In shore, continuous insight. And overview. One look at the clocks will tell you how your building is doing. From the management dashboard it is very simple to click on to specific buildings, reports, installations, etc. Discrepancies are directly send on to the responsible person. So it is not just a general notification. Simaxx caters for a direct follow-up and an adequate control of failures and complaints. But only when necessary. The building itself determines and tells how it is feeling. It takes over so that the building -owners, -management, -maintenance partners can better control their real estate. Blind faith in Simaxx.

Who’s in the house

Simaxx is a product that allows anyone in the chain of real estate to give better service. A cooperation of two companies with many years of experience in buildings environment. But Simaxx doors are open. We want to broaden our scope. The platform can also be used by other product developers and service providers to develop new products and app’s. To allow the voice of the building to be heard better. So that the added value of the data can be used in the best possible way. We ourselves, are also further developing the functionalities that will be launched the coming year.

You spin me around

Simaxx revolves around building improvement. The software circles around in your building. It listens everywhere in the building how the building thinks it can improve. A circling that gives a complete overview. The same applies to the development of our software-platform. We are constantly looking around and developing applications to follow changing legislation new market developments. Or, better still, to stay ahead of those. There are already several different apps available.

Touch me, and see what I do