Let u thuis op dat lichten niet onnodig aan staan? Mensen niet te lang onder de douche staan? Ze alle deuren sluiten? Ja, toch? Waarom doet u dat dan niet met uw bedrijfsgebouw? Voelt u aan wat uw vastgoed dagelijks meemaakt? Luistert u wel eens naar uw eigen kantoorpand? Nee? Simaxx wel.

Simaxx continuously collects data from buildings e.g. building management systems, light control systems, all sorts of sensor systems, smart meters and transforms this into useful information based on smart algorithms.

Simaxx works 24/7 and makes the building itself tell you how to improve the building performance in terms of well-being, operational costs and energy consumption.

Don’t you want me?

Software with a vision

The use of buildings in the future.

Brings buildings to live

More comfort, less complaints , less omission. More security, less risk, more alert

Software that comes alive

Manage and save trough direct insight into building performance

Let buildings feel alive

Self- building that adapts itself and is most sustainable

Software that appeals to you

Continuous control by connecting systems to smart buildings

The building talks to you

The building let us know what the improvements/deviations are.

Results of Simaxx

Listen better to
your building

More comfort from the
building among users

Saving energy and reduce
harmful emissions

Longer and more leasable
real estate

Less maintenance and
quicker intervention

Your buildings are more
smart and sustainable