Simaxx says

Simaxx is a software platform to improve building for everyone in the future. Owners, users and property managers will profit of more comfort, less maintenance and continuous monitoring. Because day and night, seven days a week Simaxx gives insight in the performance of the buildings installations. Smart meters warn you of discrepancies in data and processes in the building control system and where necessary they make adjustments. Simaxx literally checks and tells you straight away how your building is feeling.

I’ve got you under my skin

Simaxx crawls under the skin of your building. Without fail it senses how failures or complaints can be averted. It continuously monitors the comfort, durability and energy use in a building. It is the only one who really knows how your building is doing. Let the building tell you how it can improve. The result? A building often needs less maintenance, it improves the comfort for the users and is easier to rent out for the owners.

Staying alive

Simaxx brings your building to life. It continuously collects data from the building control system and keeps an eye on the installations and the energy consumption. Was the heating left on last night? Is the heat pump not working? The building itself tells Simaxx what the discrepancies and possible improvements are. Simaxx then presents those immediately and clearly on a website. When you are logged in, you can check the performance of every building. Where and when you want.

Tell me why

Buildings are often impressive. Architectural pieces of art. But truth is that they seldom perform really well. There are many complaints about the comfort, they are not flexible in their use and they often use more energy than necessary. Many companies with high hourly rates can offer advice about this and about investment possibilities that might earn themselves back over long period of time. But why is this not easier? Simaxx is born out of this frustration: a cooperation between two companies with years of experience with built-up surroundings.

You can win if you want

Buildings talk: they generate data – all day long. This data can be transformed into relevant information. But you have to listen really well for this. Use the right knowledge algorithms for effectivity and efficiency. So, not just checking if the building is performing as the uses wants it to. You have to ask the building itself if it is satisfied, all day long. How it thinks it could do better. Simaxx continuously evaluates your buildings comments. And improved comfort, fewer complaints, higher satisfaction and on average, twenty percent energy saving is there for you to pick-up

Just be good to me

The new tendency is Smart Buildings. That sounds fantastic. But it will only work if relevant information can be exchanged between man and building. When did you last speak to your building? Only Simaxx can do this for you. Simaxx collects the data and keeps your building in good shape. This is a big step towards the durability of building. Understanding of the performance of your technical installations will not only lead to savings. But even more it will lead to satisfied users who are productive in an energy efficient and healthy building, without unnecessary investments.

You can feel it

In many buildings the technical installations are of low quality or are used wrong. A building needs one to two years for its installations to be set properly. After this, more than two thirds of them still do not work the way they should. If the airplane industry would work this way, no one would get in an airplane. Automation of buildings on a large scale is a matter of time. Simaxx provides an important tool for this. It already optimises the performance of a building, but soon it will be able to do much more. Things like the coupling of the buildings design and its usage with real data from the industry rather than with theoretical values. Or even incorporating simulation and monitoring into the design of an installation. Simaxx feels it like no one else can.

Just the way you like it

Saves energy

average of twenty percent

Prevents failures

and complaints

Insight in the performance

at a glance

Simaxx is already used

in 300 buildings

Realtime monitoring

day and night


of your building

Fast detection

of the waste of energy

Saving costs

by reduced maintenance and less inspection

Reducing CO2 emissions

ensures healthy building

Risk management

improve and accelerate

more comfort

By dealing with complaints

Works with all systems

building control- and energy registration systems